In 2014 I came across Jill through a friend who was a fellow bodybuilder. We both had the same Coach but once my friend switched to Jill, I noticed she was winning all her shows! I thought to myself, I need to get with her ASAP! And when I did, I too won every show I did until I ultimately became an IFBB Bikini Pro in 2016. In 2019, I placed 1st in my second IFBB Pro show which was the BEST I’ve ever looked! Although I would only do one to two shows a year, my body transformed each time! I truly appreciate Jill’s attention to detail and overwhelming knowledge on nutrition. It amazes me how in just a couple weeks you can see progress just based on what you eat. Four years of being a part of Team V has been the best decision in my bodybuilding career! Jill and the team are very supportive and I’m always welcomed back with open arms after 1-2 years away from the stage. I highly recommend Jill for either competition prep or if you’re just trying to shed a few pounds and live a healthy life style.

Abreon Jenkins

Jill Bartlett is an amazing and responsive nutrition coach. She fed me for growth and sustainment as we worked towards my OCB Pro debut. She adapted to my body’s craziness…severe lactose intolerance, IBS and being pescatarian. She is beyond gifted and knowledgeable about what the body needs to cut fat and develop muscle. She took an undernourished body from my first competition and provided the fuel that was needed to support the lifting and training I was doing. She takes time to answer questions and last minute freak outs. She is truly a gift to competitors and to say I am fan is an understatement.


Lydia Ferguson

After enjoying my off-season calories and carbs just a little too much lol, my Coach sent me to Jill in September 2018 to get me back on track with my nutrition for my regional competition planned for April.  Jill took me through a strict 3 week “clean up” meal plan and my body responded right away.  I can honestly say I never felt starved or got bored with my plans while on prep.  Every 3 weeks I had a new meal plan, with different food and substitutes to choose from, which kept the boredom from creeping in.  I placed 2nd in Open Figure Class B (which qualified me for nationals) and 1st in 40 and over at the competition.  We took the next 3 months to adjust my nutrition and prepare me for NPC Universe in July.  Jill’s cardio and nutritional blueprint worked like a charm the second time around as well.  I earned my IFBB PRO Card at my first national’s competition.  All of this took place within 10 months!

I’ve had other nutritionist in the past however, working with Jill made my prep so much easier.  The support and encouragement from her and Team V is invaluable.  I highly recommend Jill for competition prep, weight loss or just to get your eating habits back on track.

Stacey Clark


Jill has been my coach for 4 years now. At the time I was frustrated because I worked out everyday and felt I ate pretty healthy. However I wasn’t seeing results. I also had been diagnosed with some health issues and food allergies that were really affecting my body.  I felt like I couldn’t eat anything!  Training and having Jills food plans changed my life.  She showed me how to stay away from my allergens but still eat healthy.  She showed me how I should be eating to have a leaner body.  The skills she taught me I will have for life.  Since meeting Jill, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been (at 39!) I am the leanest and most toned of my life.  Overall I feel great!!! Jill changed my life.  I have done 3  competitions so far and placed in 2 of them.   Most importantly of all the online coaches there are, Jill has never done anything unhealthy with me, I love her philosophy and it works.   She’s also been my rock through tough times and has helped me navigate my diet and exercise during times where I would have probably failed alone.

-Sarah Perryman

Hands down, Jill is one of the best coaches by far! I started training to compete in 2017 under a coach I trusted and turns out he was no good for me or my body!! I found Jill through a posting clinic and knew she was who I wanted to work with and represent. I found a new love in fitness and nutrition thanks to Jill. I love my “on” and “off” season look and I trust in all her guidance. Without Jill I am not certain where I would be in my fitness path, but I know I wouldn’t be damn near as happy. TEAM V is more than just people getting fit, it’s a family, a friendship, a guiding tool for life and all that we experience. It’s supportive, encouraging and motivating regardless of being a competitor or not. I am so happy to be a part of Team V!!

Melissa Shaver

Jill is AMAZING!! She gives you a blueprint for success, and if followed the results are incredible!! I have always felt like she is as invested in my fitness journey as I am, and I have never felt like I was just a “number”! I am so so sooo thankful I found her!

Brandy Schanno

Jill is one of the most reputable, effective people in this business. If you’re looking for a tailored approach with knowledgeable guidance, she’s your girl. She truly listened and guided me every step of the way and was able to entirely transform by body and fitness level in 4 months. I’m a lifelong customer.

Chaianna Bono

Jill is the best coach I have ever had. As a student athlete since a young age, I have always enjoyed being a year-round field hockey player and runner. However, once it came time to graduate from college field hockey and track, I struggled to find something that was sustainable for myself and kept me in great shape being a full time nurse. I slowly realized that I had never really been taught about nutrition in regards to training style and how the two compliment each other to attain how I wanted my physique to look.

My initial intention in hiring Jill was just to reconnect with my love for the gym, lean down, and tone up. However, it has turned into so much more!

What started out as a 12 week plan, turned into 26 weeks of hard work and ended with a top five placement at my first bikini competition! If it weren’t for Jill, I would have never discovered my passion for body building and realizing just how much control I had over changing my body composition and lifestyle.

Her methods are sound and simple. Jill teaches you that consistency and proper nutrition can get you the results you want, you just have to put in the work! I value her years of experience as a trainer. She has the ability to assess any individual and know exactly what to tweak to bring out the best in their body.

Not to mention, she’s a badass if you couldn’t tell! She talks the talk and walks the walk. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I highly recommend hiring Jill as your coach! She will meet you where you are and take your progress to places you couldn’t imagine!


Katie Kline

This is my second prep with Jill. My first show, she led me into an overall finish in figure, along with my husband winning a few of his classes in classic physique. Her meal plans, cardio regiment, supplements, honesty and posing clinics make prep effortless, right up to show day. Along with a smooth prep, I really appreciated an open line of honest communication of guidance from prep to moral support. I will continue to come back to Jill for contest or off season prep. Personally, I love the way she structures her check-ins, easy, smooth and no pressure or anxiety to weekly send photos. You absolutely cannot go wrong being apart of Team-V.

Devyn May

Growing up, I was always the skinny girl who dreamt of being strong, but had no idea how to get there. At 35, I had reached a plateau with fitness and felt like I needed more. Jill is the best coach! She has taught me so much about the importance of body composition and nutrition. Competing was something I had always thought about in the past, but never thought was possible. I’m a nurse, wife, mom of (now 3!), swim coach, and former college athlete. I’m a normal person who wanted something more and Jill has helped me achieve just that over the past three years. I enjoying prepping for the stage but have loved seeing the positive changes that have come with adding muscle to my smaller frame. I finally feel like the athlete I once was, but even stronger now at almost 40.

Lauren Gander