Team V Frequently Asked Questions

How do I becaome a part of Team V?

the first thing you need to do is Contact us.

Head Coach and Owner Jill Vadala Bartlett has built a successful team through her one on one approach to diet and workout designed specifically for your body type.

At Team V, we know that every person is different and therefore no generic answer exists to get you ready to compete.

What are you waiting for?

Can I still join if I am not local?

Absolutely! Most of our team is more then 1 hour away. Some are across country and one is even in Canada. If you’re disciplined enough to follow the diet and workout plans and are willing to send progress pictures or Skype every 2-3 weeks then you will be fine. No one can hold your hand through this, you need to do the work yourself with the plans provided.

Some of our Team V members are within 2.5-3 hours away and come once a week or every 2 weeks for posing practice. This is an option as well for anyone willing to travel.

What can I do if I want to get in better shape but am not ready for the state?

Lets be honest, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of stepping on stage, but many of us still want that amazing beach body.

Jill understands that and has many clients that don’t desire the spotlight, yet still want to be fit and healthy.

Don’t wait, you can begin moving down that road to a healthier, happier you by emailing Jill and telling her your goals.

When you purchase a diet, workout, or the highly effective diet workout combo, Jill will ask you your goals and specifically tailor your plan to meet YOUR needs and goals.

Only you know what you want to get out of life, that is why your input is so important in this process. So check out the services and begin today.

Why is water so important to training?

As if all the benefits of water shown to the right aren’t enough, just wait there is more!

Water helps prevent bloating
Its good for your skin
It prevents enzymatic slow down that can negatively effect the body’s energy production, hormones, and reparative substances.
Helps keeps the Lungs lubricated so the mucus membranes don’t dry out (very important for those of us who might get a bit out of breath when we workout!)
Being dehydrated can make you feel more hungry

Why join a team and what about it is so special?

Training for a competition can be one of the most difficult and trying things you will ever do. Although we compete for ourselves, we still need the support of others. The camaraderie of our team spreads from our online, private support group into real life at posing classes and competitions. We all want to win first place at our shows, but we also want the team to do well as a whole. It feels really good to know you’re not going through this alone. Some great friendships and relationships were made in Team V. 🙂

I really want to compete but can't give 100 percent

What you put into this is what you get in return. If you give 60% then you’ll look and feel 60%. You are prepping to stand on stage under bright lights wearing a tiny suit. If you haven’t given 100% you will not be able to stand with confidence and you WILL have regrets.

During your 12 week prep, always remember that someone you will be competing against is out there giving 100%.

So whatever your reason is for not giving it your all, is not good enough. We all have kids and we all have jobs, but we make it work. If you commit to this then everything necessary to succeed is non-negotiable.

No Divas, No Drama, No Shortcuts, No Lies.

Hard work, Honesty, and Discipline required.

Team V!

Once I am on Team V can I be kicked off?

Of course not but here’s what we do not want on the team:
No Divas
No Drama
No Shortcuts
No Liars!

Hard work, Honesty, & Discipline are required!

Our Team has a reputation for being very unselfish and helpful to others. Even other competitors at our shows will receive our help and support. We’re in this together and that’s what Team V was built upon.