About Jill and Team V Fitness

Jill’s Story

I was always active, so when 18 years of dance and 15 years of softball looked like they were coming to a close, I picked up the weights. l was away at college at the time and was a cheerleader. I remember one of the girls telling me not to put on too much muscle. I laughed, like how can I possibly put on too much muscle, wouldn’t that take years? Soon I realized that I was gaining muscle quickly. I quit lifting until I moved back home a year or two later. In 1995 at age 23,

I joined Golds Gym in Scranton, PA and haven’t been the same since. It was love at first sight. I worked out some nights until the gym closed at 10p.m. Within 6 months I had noticeable muscle, and was constantly asked if I would compete. Compete in what? Arm wrestling? … I didn’t even know what all of that meant. Since Competition excites me, I began searching popular fitness magazines and fell in love with Mia Finnegan, Marla Duncan, Monica Brant, Sharon Breanaeu, Debbie Kruk, and of course Cory Everson.

Starting in early 96 I trained hard and fooled around with diets, but had a lot to learn with that. I entered my first competition in fitness but did not look as good as I wanted to. The next year, in 1997, I attempted my 2nd contest but was just too busy with school and quit 4 weeks out. My main focus was to finally finish my degree and start a teaching career, then along came marriage, back surgery, pregnancy, obtaining my masters degree, building a new home and then a 2nd pregnancy.

Finally in early 2008, at age 35, with a 14 month old and a 4yr old, l was back in top shape with muscle that remembered me! I was ready to get on stage! I had unfinished business so it was do it now or die wishing I did! I have two kids. Nico was born in March 03, and Chiara was born in Oct 06. They are my every breath and I thank God for them every day! Until Nico was born, l was a 2nd grade teacher with masters in educational technology. I resigned to stay home with my kids but as they grew.  I got back into personal training and competing and it has been such a rewarding ride. I wound up earning my IFBB pro card which, in the bodybuilding world, the IFBB is the most prestigious organization. Never would have expected my journey to go that far. I just wanted to fulfill my bucket list but the enjoyment and the hard work got me farther than I ever dreamed.

I continue to compete every year that I am able to and also help others reach their goals in both personal fitness and in competition. I have created “Team V Fitness” in 2010 in honor of the loyalty, hard work and support that my clients give to me and each other when they join forces in getting in the best shape of their lives and step on stage. It has been an absolute honor to coach these hard working men and women and I hope to do it for years to come.

Jill’s Competition History

Pro Debut- The Ferrigno Classic 11th place
Jr. Nationals – Women’s Physique -1st place
NPC Jr. USA’s Women’s Physique 2nd place

2013 ​
NPC Nationals Women’s physique 4th place

NPC Max Muscle​ Women’s Physique ​2nd Place
NPC Jr Nationals​ Women’s Physique ​2nd Place NPC Nationals​ Womens Physique ​6th place ​ ​(tore ACL one week prior)

NPC JR USA’s​ Figure ​11th place
NPC Team Universe​ Physique ​6th place NPC USA​ Physique ​8th place

NPC Team Universe​ Figure Masters A class ​5th Place
NPC Masters Nationals​ Figure B Class ​5th Place
NPC VA State​ Figure Masters ​1st Place ​ Figure Open Short ​1st Place ​ Womens Open Figure ​Overall Winner
NPC VA Cup​ Figure Open Short ​1st Place ​ Womens Open Figure ​Overall Winner

Winner of OCB​ ​Rookie of the Year for 2008
Arnold Amateur​ Figure Open Short ​11th Place
IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Division​ Figure ​2nd Place
NPC Eastern USA’s​ Figure Masters ​2nd Place & Figure Open Short ​5th Place
NPC Nationals​ Figure B class ​11th Place

OCB Pride of the Atlantic​ Figure Novice Short ​1st Place & ​Overall Winner ​ Figure Open ​2nd Place
Masters​ Figure Open Short ​2nd Place
NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions​ Figure Masters ​1st Place ​& Figure Open Short 2nd Place
OCB Nationals / Yorton Cup​ Figure Masters ​1st place; Figure Open Short ​1st Place; & ​ Women’s Open Figure ​Overall Winner ​ & ​Earned IFPA Pro Figure Card

NPC Pocono Classic​ Fitness ​5th Place