Non-Competitor Training Packages

For those just looking to get fit, gain muscle, or just lose weight but not compete. These packages include:

Meal plans, weekly check ins, scheduled progress pics, supplement suggestions, cardio plans, alterations to plans,unlimited communication and workout plans if you choose the full package.

Full Non-Competitor Training Packages

Full Non-Competitor Training Packages include the following: workout plans, diet plans, cardio & supplement suggestions, progress photos, and unlimited e-mails.

  • 16 weeks $530 Buy
  • 12 weeks $430 Buy
  • 8 weeks $325 Buy
Partial Non-Competitor Training Packages

Partial Non-Competitor Training Packages include the same as above except there are no workout plans.

  • 16 weeks $400 Buy
  • 12 weeks $325 Buy
  • 8 weeks $250 Buy

Competitor Training Packages

Contact me and I will let you know how many weeks out you need to begin.

Full Competitor Training Packages

Full Competitor Training Packages include the following: workout plans, diet plans, cardio & supplement suggestions, progress photos, unlimited e-mails, and advice on tanning, shoes, hair, jewelry, make-up, and show selection.  Also includes access to Team V’s private Facebook group.

  • 16 weeks $725 Buy
  • 12 weeks $625 Buy
  • 8 weeks $525 Buy
Partial Competitor Training Packages

Partial Competitor Training Packages:  Includes same as above, except no workout plans.

  • 16 weeks $575 Buy
  • 12 weeks $475 Buy
  • 8 weeks $400 Buy
Special Offer!  Competition Trainees receive exclusive reduced rate prices for Posing Classes!  Offer only valid during your prep and paid in cash at the class.

Single Meal Plans & Workouts

Besides the above comprehensive competitor and non-competitor training packages, I also offer these meal plans & workouts.  These are one single plan, and come without the continued support or communication.  These are not sufficient for contest preparation!  The meal plan includes cardio & supplement suggestions.

  • Meal Plan$65 Buy
  • Workout Plan $65 Buy
  • Meal & Workout Combo $115 Buy

3 Week Challenge

  • A challenge to see if you can follow a plan for 3 straight weeks.
  • Jump start your goals & learn how to eat!
  • Includes meal plan, cardio & supplements & private support group.
  • Only offered once a month on the 1st Monday.  I will accept only the first 20 people to sign up after 9 AM.
  • HOWEVER>>>if you dont want to wait then join now, I’ll send the meal plan right away and I”ll add you to the current group.
  • 3 Week Challenge $75 Buy

Posing Class

Posing class is held on Saturdays or Sundays. Contact me before you plan to come so I can verify the day and time. The Team V Fitness Posing Class is held at Bodyworks Gym in downtown Fredericksburg where we rent the space. Cost is $50 per class. You can message me from the contact page with any questions.  Available to anyone not currently on Team V, everyone is welcome!

Monthly Membership

For returning clients only! This is a subscription to become an official Team V member.  Only offered to those who have previously purchased a full competitors package, of 12 weeks or more, and competed with my guidance. A monthly automatic payment of $60 is deducted and covers everything you need for off season and contest prep (except workouts.)  Workouts can be purchased separately as needed.

Once your prep has ended you have a month to sign up.

This is my way of saying thank you for trusting me to get you on stage and for sticking with our team afterwards 🙂

If you should choose to cancel the monthly subscription, you can still be a member of the team but would have to buy a package to start over again once you’re ready. This isn’t a stop and go subscription.


Gift Cards available, please visit the Contact page for more.
Please note: There will be no refunds on payments made for services. Purchases are good for one year and can be used toward any meal or workout plan, contest season or off season. Thank you.