I don’t just coach competitors…..

This is a 7 week transformation. Eating more food than she was before we started.

  1. Beverly Iovini
    Beverly IoviniApr 09, 2019

    Hi Jill, I fall into the category of not eating enough food daily and doing 3-4 days weightlifting classes/metabolic and 3 days spin and nothing changes with the fear if I eat more will look worse! I saw u comment on a post in intermittent site and it sounds like me, I definitely put work in, don’t know if u can help.

    • Jill Vadala
      Jill VadalaApr 09, 2019

      Hi! I can do a meal plan for you to show you how to eat and not be afraid of food. Please check out my services and you can sign up right there on that page

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